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The Association of Muslim Travel Agents Singapore (AMTAS) was formed in June 1996. Its members are Muslim-owned travel agencies with many primarily involved in the Haj and Umrah services. Currently, it has a membership of 52 members

AMTAS is managed by an Executive Committee comprised of members who are elected as office-bearers for a term of two years. Three full-time staff serves in its secretariat. As a non-profit organization, AMTAS obtains its funds primarily from membership subscription and contribution from members.

Over the years, as a valuable strategic partner, AMTAS has collaborated with MUIS in managing Haj services in Singapore. Consequently, AMTAS has taken up some non-core but nonetheless essential tasks that were undertaken by MUIS in the past. In addition, it has also been pro-active in proposing and implementing new measures to help improve Haj services.

Since 2004 AMTAS, represented by its President, has participated in the Annual Haj Ministerial meeting within the entourage of the Singaporean delegation led by the Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs. This has provided AMTAS a valuable platform to engage and interact with the various agencies in Saudi Arabia such as the MuassasahAdilah and Naqabah, bringing to discourse the perspectives of the service providers (Haj General Sales Agents) and the concerns of the pilgrims. In turn, AMTAS would have received first-hand information on relevant policy matters or regulatory requirements which can be effectively disseminated to its members.

AMTAS supports and work together with the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia to ensure that Umrah visas for Singapore pilgrims are applied, processed and issued timely and in accordance with the requirements stipulated by the Saudi authorities.

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